Outburst is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Destructoid from the planet Splosinia in 5 Years Later.


Outburst is a humanoid transformation in a black containment suit with a green upper torso. Inside his containment suit, is an orange, liquid biofuel that dissipates at the top of his head like fire. He has two arms with four white fingers that can fold back to resemble a cannon.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his waist.


  • Explosive Biofuel- Outburst can ignite the fuel that makes up his body on command.
  • Flight- Outburst can use his ignited biofuel as a means of propulsion, similar to rocket thrusters.


  • Containment Suit- Outburst resides within a powerful containment suit, giving him extra abilities and enhanced durability.
    • Bomb Generation- His containment suit can generate bombs which store his biofuel and can be used as grenades.
    • Arm Cannons- His fingers can fold back to form fully functioning cannons, that can fire his biofuel and then ignite it on command.


  • Personality Overtake- Outburst's overwhelming personality makes Ben more reckless and excessive.
  • Arm Cannons- Outburst cannot use his arm cannons if something is jammed within them. In addition, attempting to use them while jammed, will likely result in self harm.
  • Overexertion- If Outburst uses too much power, his arms will start to ache and fatique.


Splosinia, is enriched with a material that has an atomic structure similar to that of plastic and has underground veins of fuel with similar properties to nitroglycerin. A species that would later be known as Destructoids, are comprised of this fuel and overtime, gained sentience.

Their unstable atomic structure resulted in several mutations, that caused them to lose control of their ability to ignite their biofuel. Overtime, they learned how to create containment suits to shield themselves and stabilize their abilities. After mastering their craft, they learned to upgrade their containment suits further by creating specialized gauntlets that serve as cannons, using their biofuel as ammunition.

Currently, the Destructoids continue to improve their suits and have specialized in planetary defense technology, as well as specializing in demolitions and making custom fireworks.






  • Outburst's concept is heavily inspired by the Mega Man video game series.
  • Outburst's powers were inspired by Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia.
    • This is the second transformation based on this character, the first being Grenadier.
  • Outburst's homeworld, Splosinia, is based on the video game Splosion Man.

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