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The Ozmat Suit is a polymorphic battle suit designed by Doctor Logic for Plumber agents who can shapeshift, stretching to fit their current physical form. It is often worn by Kevin Levin as tactical gear.


The Ozmat suit is a skin-tight battle suit, with the top of the suit being a dark and light blue with some white. Kevin's symbol can be found in the center of the chest.

The bottom portion of the suit is black with red and white pouches on the waist and on the shins, with the bottom of the soles being a shiny silver in color.


  • Elasticity - The main feature of the Ozmat suit is the replication of the tensile strength and flexibility of a Galvanic Mechamorph. This allows the suit to stretch and contort to any shape it's user is currently in, allowing the user to easily shift in-and-out of various shapes and sizes without worrying about damaging the outfit.
  • Pouches - The Ozmat Suit contains several pouches sewn into it, allowing for its users to store tactical equipment on their person. Kevin uses these pouches to store an arsenal of DNA samples, allowing him to transform in a moment's notice.
    • Shrinking Tech- The Ozmat suits pouches utilize shrinking tech, allowing Kevin to store more materials he would otherwise be unable to carry.


  • After years as a member of the Plumbers, the Osmosian Kevin Levin acquired a uniform designed by Doctor Logic, which allowed him to shift his size without worrying about damaging his outfits.



  • The name Ozmat Suit is an amalgamation of the words Hazmat Suit and Osmosian, Kevin's species.