Ozmite is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Assimiloid from the planet Irinaka located outside of the Local Group in 5 Years Later.


Ozmite is a small humanoid dust mite-like transformation. He has large green eyes with black dust-like particles over the upper portion of his body. He has thin, black long legs and arms.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his left shin.


  • Environmental Possession- Ozmite is able to transfer his mind and body into his environment, allowing him to control the surrounding environment like a part of his body.
  • Small Size- Because of his small size, Ozmite can fit into small and cramped spaces.


  • Limited Range- Ozmite is only able to control the environment within a radius of 350 cubic meters. The farther he goes past this limit, the more strain it is on his body.
  • Concentration- If he loses his concentration, he will end up immediately exiting the environment/object he is possessing.






  • His abilities and planet name are a reference to Joi Irinaka from My Hero Academia.

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