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Pesky Dust is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nemuina from Nemunimos IV in 5 Years Later.


Pesky Dust is a small, fairy-like alien with cyan skin, yellow wings which have four segments, he has two large light-green eyes, he has also purple marks on his chin and around his eyes, his hair is blue with a green spot in front, Pesky Dust does not have a mouth. Pesky Dust has a "dress" like uniform with a white Gloves and top uniform separated by green from the openings of clothes and the black bottom of the costume, the bottom of the costume has a green spiky pattern surrounding his waist, the very bottom the opening is white with green hexagons on each of the sides.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Flight- With his wings, Pesky Dust has the ability to fly.
  • Dream Inducement- Pesky Dust can release dust that makes his victims fall asleep.
  • Dream Manipulation- Pesky Dust is capable of manipulating the dreams of others, which can be used as a form of interrogation or extracting information from a victim.
  • Telepathy- Pesky Dust communicates with others using his mind.

Pesky Dust interrogating Zim.


  • Fragile Body- Pesky Dust's body is very small and susceptible to damage.


  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 5), Pesky Dust appeared in a flashback with other aliens all holding the Anihilargg.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold (Pages 12-13) Pesky Dust was used to get information about Eon from Zim.
  • Pesky Dusk appears in Chapter 10: Again, alongside several other transformations, making a cameo appearance during Danny's opening monologue.