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Portaler is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Florpus Tesabo from the Temporal Zone in 5 Years Later.


Portaler is a bulky, armored beetle/turtle-like humanoid with light green skin. He has a red armored shell on his back and tail, with a black stripe going down the middle. He has yellow plating on his arms, lower leg, and stomach, with a red core in the center of his belly. He has yellow spheres on his ears and tail. He wears a black covering over his head and his midsection.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Wormholes- Portaler can create wormholes that can open breaches to other universes and dimensions, allowing others to pass through the breaches with him.
  • Teleportation- Portaler is capable of teleporting himself indefinitely across the universe he is presently in.
  • Enhanced Durability- Due to Portaler's turtle-like shell, he is capable of surviving most enemy attacks, even his own wormholes.
  • Sphere Form- Portaler can curl himself into a ball for additional protection.


  • Temporal Zone Destabilization- Portaler's wormholes must have a destination in order for them to be used, which is filtered through the Temporal Zone. When in parts of the Temporal Zone that are unstable, he cannot lock onto a reality to teleport to, making his wormholes unstable.


  • In Chapter 10: Again (Page 20–32), Ben uses Portaler to create a portal out of the Temporal Zone, in the hopes of escaping Divinity to come up with a plan, but Danny refuses and an argument between the two ensues. Future Fenton breaks off the argument, and they are attacked by Vlad soon after. Portaler creates two unstable wormholes to fight, but is stopped by Divinity, who uses his powers to remove them and claps them against Portaler's face.
  • In Chapter 11: Shattered (Page 8-12) Portaler teleported himself and Danny free from Divinity's reality hold, before the latter vanished from their combined attack. Then Vlad, and Big Ben attacked them, forcing Portaler to switch to The Void.