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Power Plant is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Atasian (A.K.A. Highbreed) from the planet Augstaka in 5 Years Later.


Power Plant is a tall humanoid with yellow and grey skin. His face has four eyes on a blue face, with his eyes in a solid black crest of spikes. His peach-colored neck is soft, moist, and lumpy. His head is surrounded by a large circumference of black spikes, with an orange texture inside.

Power Plant's shoulders have large folds that meet at the chest's top two eyes. A set of wings with an orange membrane join at the pectorals' bottom two eyes. Power Plant has two muscular arms with two predominant folds. On his hands are three thorns, which are brown. Another orange membranous fold is on the Power Plant's armpits.

Power Plant's chest is bulky, while his torso and legs are thin. His pants stop around his lower calves, and split off into branch-like feet.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his right hip.


  • Enhanced Physiology- Power Plant has the ability to lift and move multiple tons of weight and is able to handle impacts that other species may not survive.
  • Flight- Power Plant can fly using his wings.
  • Spike Projection- Power Plant can fire the spikes at the ends of his fingers in rapid succession for attack purposes. They regrow at a fast rate.
  • Water Siphoning- Power Plant can reveal tendrils from his chest that can extend out multiple times his body length to siphon water.
  • Cold Resistances- Power Plant can survive or withstand most cold temperatures.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- Power Plant possesses a high intellect that allows him to understand, create and operate advanced technology.


  • Hot Environments- Power Plant cannot survive in hot environments without water due to dehydration.


Atasians, also known as Highbreed, were a xenophobic species with a supremacy complex towards other species. Their genetics were badly damaged due to attempts to keep their species “pure” through inbreeding, which rendered them sterile. A dying species, their empire sought to wipe out all other species with them in a genocidal campaign. They employed their impressive technologies including genetic engineering, warp gates, weather control towers and cloaking devices to meet these ends. Though the intervention of Ben Tennyson, the Atasians' genetics were rejuvenated though combining each one's DNA with different species in the Omnitrix.






  • Power Plant and his species' designs were inspired by bananas.
  • Power Plant, like Bullfrag and Lank, is the prime example of its species, and is rejuvenated back to its original form. Being the genetic apex of the species, it lacks the many generations of inbreeding towards 'purity' that affected all other Highbreed seen.
  • A poll conducted during the creation of Power Plant offered the names Bruiser and Froot as potential alternate names for this alien.