Professor Membrane

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Professor Membrane is a character in 5 Years Later from the Invader Zim Universe. He is the father of Dib Membrane and Gaz Membrane.


Professor Membrane is a tall, middle-aged man. He wears a white lab coat with black gloves and pants with silver and black boots. Under his gloves, he is hiding cybernetic arms. He has black hair styled like a lightning bolt and is always wearing a pair of silver and gray goggles.


Professor Membrane is an intelligent man who's highly focused and passionate about his work. However, his commitment to his work makes him tend to ignore his children, and thus his relationship with his kids is overall poor.

He shows great disdain towards his son Dib, believing that his paranormal belief is ridiculous, and refuses to call paranormal investigation a true branch of science.

Despite this, he loves his children and tries to spend time with them every once in a while.


  • High Intelligence- Professor Membrane possesses intelligence far above the average human. He is considered to be the most intelligent man on Earth.


  • Robotic Arms- Professor Membrane lost his arms to sharks while attempting to befriend them. After the incident, he developed two robotic arms for himself. These robotic arms grant Professor Membrane enhanced strength, as well as energy blasts.
  • Rocket Boots- Professor Membrane has Rocket Boots which allow him to fly.







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