Proto-Tech Armor is an advanced combat suit used by Rook Blonko in 5 Years Later.


The Proto-Tech Armor is a black and blue suit that covers the user's body from their feet up to their neck. The suit features multiple pockets of varying sizes.


  • Increased Durability- Proto-Tech Armor is strong enough to protect the wearer from various types of attacks, such as shock waves, explosions and direct hits.
  • Pockets- The suit possesses a multitude of pockets that allows the wearer to store ammunition and tools.
  • Size Alteration- Proto-Tech armor is able to change its shape and size to fit whoever is wearing it.


In Chapter 1: Alienated, Rook wore the Proto-Tech Armor when he and Ben first met Danny and later fought against a Way Bad.


Chapter 1: Alienated (first appearance)

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