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The Proto-Tool is a multi-function weapon used by Rook Blonko in 5 Years Later.


The Proto-Tool is a blocky, black and white device with orange circuitry and energy. With the Intergalactic Peace symbol in the front and back.


  • Versatile Uses- The Proto-Tool has many different uses, ranging from more Combat oriented to uses better suited for Supportive situations. It is considered one of, if not the most versatile piece of technology in the known universe, and had even impressed Malware, who stated that “It must have a million uses”.
    • Combative Modes-
      • Blaster
      • Bow
      • Pod Launcher
      • Sword
      • Auto Turret
      • Tonfa
      • Taser
      • Laser
      • Shield
      • Staff
      • Harpoon
      • Electric Rope
      • Whip
      • Power Glove
    • Supportive Modes-
      • Grappling Hook
      • Net Caster
      • Computer
      • Scanner
      • Vacuum
      • Laser Pointer
      • Pulley
      • Fishing Rod
      • Hose
      • Flashlight
      • Energy Shield
      • Bro Flex
      • Phone


  • In Chapter 1: Alienated, Rook uses the Proto-Tool to scan the ecto-energy that Danny left behind after fighting Ben for the first time. Rook then later uses the Proto-Tool as a scanner to locate Danny, and then turns it into a grappling hook to approach him. At the near end of the chapter, Rook uses the Proto-Tool as a phone to contact Max Tennyson.



  • The Proto-Tool is Rook Blonko's signature weapon-of-choice.
  • The Proto-Tool is said to be the most versatile piece of technology in the known universe.
  • Rook has stated to have made special modifications to the Proto-Tool himself.