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Psycholeopterrans are the predatory species of Necrofriggians native to the planet Kylmyys.


Psycholeopterrans are large insectoid creatures with a body length of about thirteen feet, resembling a bee or moth. They are purplish-gray in color, have sharp fangs, four legs, two sharp teeth, a dual-stinger on their tail, two antennae on their head, and four wings with a wingspan of about seventeen feet.


  • Flight- Psycholeopterrans have wings to catch their prey at high speeds.
  • Intangibility- Psycholeopterrans have the ability to go intangible, just like their prey race, Necrofriggian due to also possessing psychrophilic glands.
  • Hypnotic Mist Generation- Psycholeopterrans emit a special psychedelic pheromone gas from their bodies, which, combined with a reflective scale pattern on their wings, overloads their prey's mesolimbic dopamine system, or the “reward center” of the brain, and puts the prey into a hypnotic state.
  • Cryo Immunity- Psycholeopterrans are immune to Necrofriggians ice attacks.
  • Long Tongue- Psycholeopterrans have long tongues to catch their prey while it's defenseless.
  • Sharp Fangs- Psycholeopterrans have sharp fangs to rip through prey's skin.


  • Useless Intangibility- Psycholeopterrans can be contained in a super tangible container that renders their intangibility useless, as demonstrated with the smuggled Psycholeopterran.
  • Extinction- Psycholeopterrans have become extremely rare and almost extinct due to poaching and lack of prey. Due to Necrofriggians getting wise to them and rarely populating the surface, their main food source is fresh hatchlings, and with the amount of time between birthing cycles, the Psycholeopterran can go years without eating, and this starvation, combined with planetary poaching, has turned them into an endangered species.


A bottle of Trip Drops

  • A special drug named Trip Drops is created from pheromones and ground up scales of Psycholeopterrans.