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Psyphon is a villain in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost. He is a member of an unknown species from an unknown planet in the Ben 10 Universe.


Psyphon is a humanoid alien with a head that resembles a skull. He has a large horn or crest on his head. He wears a black and red suit with silver armor attachments and metallic, crimson boots with silver spikes.


Psyphon is a bitter and cruel villain with an overinflated ego. He likes to act and think of himself as a leader but in reality, is better suited as a lackey or right-hand man to more powerful and dangerous criminals.


  • Enhanced Strength- Psyphon has a greater level of strength than a hyper-evolved Aracnachimp.
  • Enhanced Durability- Despite his fragile appearance, Psyphon has a great level of durability.


  • Wrist-Mounted Weaponry- Psyphon has various wrist-mounted devices that can provide him extra protection via a force field, fire powerful lasers, and a weapon that can overload the target's nervous system, causing uncontrollable muscle impulses.
  • Grenades- Psyphon is equipped with powerful energy grenades.


  • Overwhelming Ego- Psyphon's egomaniacal plans normally crash and burn because of some unforeseen factor.
  • Electricity- Lightning and electric shocks can temporarily paralyze Psyphon.
  • Vilgax- Psyphon greatly fears his former master, often panicking and making rash decisions while in his presence.


Before 5 Years Later

  • In The Message, Psyphon rampages through a city wreaking havoc, but is foiled by Rook and Ben. The latter of which, hardly takes him seriously.

Psyphon in Chapter 2


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5 Years Later

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