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Pturbosaurians are a species from the planet Terradino in 5 Years Later.


Pturbosaurians are a Pterosaur-like humanoid species, with an average height of around six feet tall with a wingspan of eight feet. They have yellow and black beaks with orange eyes, as well as maroon, gray, and black head crests that vary in size and shape, depending on the Pturbosaurian. Pturbosaurians have black, maroon, and gray skin, with three-clawed hands and feet, as well as retractable wings that are orange and maroon in color. The Pturbosaurians possess tentacle like appendages housed in their wrists that they can retract at will.


  • Combustible Gastrointestinal Fluid- Pturbosaurians contain a combustible fluid in their gastrointestinal tract, which they can ignite in their stomachs and vent out of their lower backs and mouths. They can also release tentacle like appendages out of their forearms coated in this same fluid, which they use for swiftly catching prey, or for combat, if necessary.
  • Flight- Pturbosaurians are able to fly in the skies at high altitudes and speeds, using a combination of retractable wings and the previously mentioned gastrointestinal fluid.
  • Space Survivability – A Pturbosaurian is able to hold enough air/water in its body to survive in space for a long while.


  • Electricity- Pturbosaurians are highly vulnerable to high voltages of electricity. Enough of it can result in them becoming incapacitated mid-flight.

Society and History

Known locally as “Skyskimmers”, Pturbosaurians are the highest societal class on the planet. They rule over the skies, preying on mainly a species of fish with the ability to fly that they call “SkyFish”, as well as anything else that enters their airspace.

A Pturbosaurian that has successfully caught a SkyFish.

Skyskimmers are known for being very pompous, and think that they are superior to many of the other resident species, due to their ability to fly. They even discriminate against their own kind, distinguishing a difference in class based on the crown scales located on their heads.

Ptorb Class.png

Thanks to them, Terradino has a loosely based caste system that they are perched at the top of, living at the literal height of their society atop stone spires created by their honor bound underlings on the surface, The Vaxasaurians (Ground Shakers). The nests they make along the spires are made of a mix of leaves and Tyrannopede webbing.

Notable Pturbosaurians


  • The idea of them using a gastrointestinal reaction as the basis of their flight ability was inspired by Assblasters, the main antagonistic monster species in the 2001 creature feature Tremors 3. Also, because it seemed more biologically plausible than starlight in its body.
    • Assblasters also inspired the texture and coloration change in their official design.
  • They hatch from eggs.
  • Their wings are an extension of their shoulder blades, meaning in order to pull them out, they are forced to raise their arms up high. The same goes for when retracting.