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Putty is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Lenopan (A.K.A. Sludgepuppy) from an Unknown Planet in 5 Years Later.


Putty's natural appearance is a humanoid mass of purple sludge. However, his body is at a constant motion of amorphous and doesn't have one singular shape.

His Omnitrix symbol, when standing still, is located on his chest.


  • Shapeshifting- Putty's body can shape shift into anything by morphing and contorting his body and changing the color and texture of his skin. He can also change his height and liquefy his body at will.
  • Weapon Limbs- Putty is capable of shape shifting his limbs into melee weapons such as maces or hammers.
  • Regeneration- Putty's body can regenerate lost body parts or limbs at a very fast rate.
  • Enhanced Biology- Putty possesses enhanced biology like strength, agility, durability and dexterity, all of these far surpass that of a human.
  • Elasticity- Due to the nature of his body, Putty is extremely elastic and can stretch his body up to dozens of meters.
  • Sticky Skin- Putty's skin is sticky enough to trap beings inside it.
  • Voice Changing- Putty can change his voice to better match the form he's taking.
  • Sludge Projectiles- Putty can detach parts of his body to use them as projectiles.
  • Sludge Waves- Putty can shoot his sludge in waves to cover a large area and trip his enemies.


  • Shapeshifting Limit- Putty's mass can influence what he can shape shift into.
  • Strong Temperatures- Putty can easily be immobilized when he's exposed to strong temperatures.
  • Electricity- Due to his body's material, he can be damaged easily be electricity.


The Earth's Plumbers and the Lenopans were involved in a decades-long feud, before it was ended by the marriage of Human Plumber Joel Tennyson and Lenopan Camille Mann.