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"Why would you give me the whole Universe? What about you? What do you gain from this?"
"Oh, with my agenda, I can spare a single universe for your empire. I'm after something much...bigger."
Vlad Masters and Eon[src]

The Recruiting of Vlad Masters was a successful attempt by Eon to recruit the Ghost/Human hybrid Vlad Masters to his cause as an assassin to kill Ben Tennyson.


"My days of violence are over. That path has left me with nothing. Unfortunately, unmetaphorically."
Vlad Masters[src]

Vlad Masters was involved in an accident resulting in his ability to generate and channel Ecto-Energy, transforming him into a hybrid of Human and Ghost biology. For years, he harbored a grudge on Jack Fenton, who he blamed for his mutation. After becoming the Mayor of Amity Park, Vlad learned of the Disasteroid, an asteroid headed to Earth, which possessed the danger necessary of causing an extinction level event if it landed. Capitalizing on his unique biology, Vlad revealed his powers to the world and promises to stop the Disasteroid, in exchange for over 500-billion dollars and complete control over the world's governments. However, when he reached the Disateroid via a rocket, he discovers that the asteroid was composed of an anti-ghost element called Ecto-ranium, making it so all ghosts, including him, couldn't touch it, and therefore could not alter it's course. Unable to save the planet, Vlad did not have desire to see the planet's destruction at the hand of his actions, Vlad guiltily saw the Earth one last time before flying away, coming to terms with his eternal solitude as a "free-roaming space nomad".

After five years, in space, Vlad finally managed to return to Earth, overcome with depression and exhaustion, making his way to his old home in Wisconsin.


"Are you asking for my help?"
"It pains me to say, I need it."
Vlad Masters and Eon[src]

After spending some time reflecting on his past, Vlad is interrupted by Eon, who offers to return Vlad to his full health and strength in exchange for his services. Vlad is reluctant at first, but agrees when he realizes he has nothing else left to live for.