This page lists retcons given to each series appearing in the webcomic 5 Years Later that differ from the canon of their original series.


  • Osmos V is a real planet, statements about it not being real were merely lies created by Servantis.[1]


  • Kevin Levin is described by Ben to be an alien mutant.[2] Previously it was stated that Osmosians were a subspecies of humans.
    • Devin Levin was a real person, as Servantis never touched Max's and Kevin's mother's minds. Max falsely believed Servantis planted a fake memory of Devin into his mind.[1]
  • Eon is not an Alternative Ben Tennyson but rather a Chronian possessing the body of one.[3]
    • All Chronians have bright, neon skin. This change was made to make Chronians look more like aliens than humans.
  • Astrodactyl uses gastrointestinal fluid to fly rather than star power.[4]
  • Toepick uses fear gas to scare his opponents rather than his face looking scary.
  • Way Big's red skin is now a hard callus armor peeling off of him, while in the cartoon Way Big's red skin was a cosmic material with metallic properties.
  • Unlike in the cartoon, Prypiatosian-Bs are not made of pure energy, as The Ink Tank thought there were too many energy-themed aliens.
  • Wildvine has two orbs on his shoulders for producing chlorophyll. In the original continuity however they were his eyes.



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