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Rex Salazar is a hero in 5 Years Later. A future version of him appeared in Chapter 9. He is a human E.V.O. from the planet Earth in the Generator Rex Universe.


Rex is a tall Hispanic male with short black hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a red jacket with orange stripes with a blue and white T-shirt underneath. He also has black gloves and goggles on top of his head.


Rex is very self-confident and comedic. He used to be impulsive and rebellious, but learned to plan his next moves and listen to others.

He's very empathetic and risked his own life to save others on countless occasions.


  • Nanites- Rex's system contains millions of Nanites that grant him a plethora of abilities.
    • Machine Generation- Rex can use his Nanites to create different mechanical body parts that he can use as weapons or vehicles.
    • Enhanced Durability- Rex's body has a very high level of durability, even without his builds. Being able to be smacked into buildings and cars without damage, he is also able to handle the crushing pressures of an underwater trench, survive an elevator that takes him into space in a matter of seconds, and even survive getting struck by lighting.
    • Technopathy- Rex can use his Nanites to control machines, allowing him to reprogram or deactivate any computer he touches.
    • Nanite Manipulation- Rex can cure E.V.O.s by reprogramming the Nanites of EVO's using his own Nanites. Rex can also communicate with other Nanites via the same method.
    • Nanite Healing- The nanites in Rex's system allow him to heal faster such as fixing his broken bones or give Rex enhanced durability.
    • Nanite Immunity- Rex's Nanites can destroy pathogens that would be deadly to normal humans. However, there is a limit of what Rex's Nanites can handle.
  • Omega Nanite- Also known as Omega-1 Nanite, It's a large grey control Nanite that controls Rex's active Nanites.
    • Omega Build's- Omega Nanite allows Rex to create blueprints in his mind from which he can forge his Nanites into very powerful builds. After Rex creates the build for the first time it can be accessed easily like his other builds.
    • Self-Replication Program- Omega Nanite has a self-replication program that generates more active Nanites for Rex when there's a small concentration of Nanites in his system.
    • Enhanced Nanite Healing- Omega Nanite just like every single Nanite in Rex's system can help heal his body, however, the Omega Nanite is more powerful than a normal Nanite. For example, Omega Nanite was able to restart Rex's heart when he drowned and it commanded Rex's other Nanites to transport his blood in place of his heart.


  • Overloading- Rex can overextend his abilities, causing him to shut down if he uses too much power at once.
  • Emotions- Rex Nanites don't function properly when he's under extreme emotional stress.
  • Nanite Disrupter- Rex can be rendered temporarily powerless by a Nanite Disrupter.
  • Nanite Vulnerability- Rex's Nanites can be stolen by powerful E.V.Os like Van Kleiss and Alpha.
  • Nanite Buildup- After Rex cures so many E.V.O., their Nanites start to collect all inside of Rex. And if Rex doesn't regularly offload his Nanites at facilities Providence built for him, Rex's body will begin to generate tumorous sacks.
    • However, this hasn't been a problem for Rex for a long time after he cured every E.V.O. on Earth.


Pre 5 Years Later

The Injection

Rex Salazar was the son of two scientists and brother of Caesar Salazar who worked on the "Nanite Project" that was meant to change the world. One day Rex had an accident that put his life in danger. In order to save him, his parents injected him with a batch of fully programmed complete Nanites. The injection saved his life and over time granted him the ability to talk to machines and eventually create machines.

The Nanite Event

Sometime after the worst disaster in history took place the Nanite Event which released every incomplete nanite into the Earth's atmosphere. Rex lost his memory for the first time during the event, due to the explosion shockwave wiping out his memory. Months later Rex with no memories of what happened was found by Agent Six who discovered that he can cure E.V.Os. He was taken by him to the Providence Base and began training there and eventually became the special agent of Providence.

The Omega Nanite

After years of working for Providence Rex found one of the first clues to his past Dr. Rylander one of the scientists working on the Nanite Project. Rylander also revealed that Rex has a brother and gave Rex an injection containing an unusual Nanite. When he asked Rylander what he just injected him with he responded with "everything".

This Nanite injected into Rex was later discovered during the attack at Providence HQ after Rex's Nanites were all siphoned away from him, except for that special Nanite. Later after Rex acquired a new batch of Nanites from the Providence Offload facility the special Nanite allowed Rex to create a new set of very powerful builds.

The special Nanite was later revealed to be the "Omega-1 Nanite" by Caesar when he returned after a few years stuck in hyperspace.

Heroes United

One day a wormhole appeared above New York. Rex and his team went to investigate it shortly after. After Rex flew up to it and tried to punch it Humungosaur jumped out at him. Rex tried to punch him tho he caught his fist and punched him back to the ground. Later Ben used Diamondhead, Lodestar, and Rath to fight Rex in New York. After Rex and Rath save the civilians from the falling debris, it is revealed to Rex and all the people around that the creature Rex thought was an E.V.O was actually Ben Tennyson. After going back and forth, Ben and Rex learned of Caesar's creation Alpha.

Later on in the Bug Jar, formerly the city of Kiev, Alpha absorbed Rex's Omega Nanite and with it Rex's access to his Omega Builds. In an attempt to even out the odds Ben transforms into Upgrade and merges with Rex upgrading his original builds with advanced alien technology. After the upgrade approach fails, Rex has an idea to shot Ben through Alpha as Cannonbolt. After doing so Alpha becomes unstable and Caesar recovers Rex's Omega Nanite. Rex then uses his Nanites to compress Alpha into a heavily compressed sphere. After that Caesar uses the Null Void projector to send Ben home. As he is leaving, Ben transforms into Upchuck and takes the compressed Alpha with him.

The Worldwide Cure Event


5 Years Later

  • Before Chapter 9: Time Out, Rex created a gauntlet for Future Fenton's armor using his Nanites including his Omega-1 Nanite.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out, Future Fenton attempts to communicate with Rex and fails. Later Rex makes a cameo as Future Fenton tells the story of his future.



  • Rex was first teased to be in the comic on March 31, 2018, as an April Fools joke.
    • He was officially revealed on April 1, 2020.