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Ripjaws is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss in 5 Years Later.


Ripjaws is an Angler fish-like creature with a humanoid body. His fins across his face resemble human hair. He has a powerful jaw with razor-sharp teeth. He has two water tanks that cover his gills, allowing him to survive on land. When entering water, his extra skin morphs into a tail, allowing him to swim faster. His clothing takes the form of a swimsuit.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Glowing Lure- Like angler fish, Ripjaws has a bioluminescent lure to see in the dark, his eyes are also able to glow.
  • Tail Formation- Ripjaws' legs can morph into a tail fin for extra speed and mobility in the water.
  • Underwater Breathing- Ripjaws' gills allow him to breathe underwater.
  • Enhanced Swimming- Ripjaws' webbed feet and hands make him very suitable for swimming.
  • Enhanced Strength- Ripjaws has enhanced strength, being able to easily punch a hole in a dock, tear a door of the Perplexahedron open, lasso an anchor, and hold his own against Vulkanus while underwater.
  • Enhanced Durability- Ripjaws is rather durable, as shown when he was able to withstand being thrown against Sheelane's ship.
  • Strong Bite Force- Ripjaws has a very high bite force, allowing him to bite through substances like metal.
  • Razor Sharp Claws- His claws can tear apart even metal substances and can help him grab onto surfaces.
  • Mouth Expansion- Ripjaws is capable of expanding his mouth to fit objects and to bite more area.
  • Enhanced Speed- Ripjaws has enhanced speed in water, which is enough to follow a missile.


  • Water Tanks- The Omnitrix grants Ripjaws water tanks, which allow Ripjaws to survive on land for a much longer period of time without suffocating.


  • Dehydration- Ripjaws can't survive long without water on his own. However, the Omnitrix provides him with water tanks that allow him to survive on land.
  • High Temperatures- Even when submersed in water, Ripjaws can be damaged by high temperatures.




  • Ripjaws was the final alien designed for the original ten transformations.
  • Ripaws blinks horizontally instead of vertically.