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RocCroc is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Terrandilus from the planet Lutomons in 5 Years Later.


RocCroc is a large humanoid transformation, with a body shape similar to a crocodile. He has black and brown skin, which is comprised of mostly rock. He has a large jaw with rocky teeth. He has several plates protruding from his back. He has a long, black tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left shoulder.


  • Liquefaction- Whatever surface RocCroc is directly touching, is temporarily turned into a liquid, allowing him to swim through the ground.
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability- RocCroc's tough, rocky body, gives him incredible strength and durability.
  • Powerful Bite- RocCroc has incredibly strong jaws that could tear a redwood tree in half.
  • Liquid Sacks- RocCroc has special sacks located in his lungs that can store the liquefied earth to be spat out and re-solidified. 


  • Limited Range- RocCroc's liquefaction ability only extends to things he's directly touching, making him vulnerable to ranged and agile foes.
  • Underground Movement- When RocCroc is underground, his movement and sense of direction is limited to only sound.


The Terrandilus live on large mountains and swim underground, popping up to capture unsuspecting prey and drag them down below the surface. While the Terrandilus mostly eat meat, they also have an appetite for sugar.






  • RocCroc's main ability was based on the character Secco, from Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.
  • Terrandilus is a combination of the Latin words for ground and crocodile.
    • His planet Lutomons comes from the Latin word for mud.