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Roller Snail is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shelled Velolusk from the planet Goramsay in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Roller Snail is a snail-like alien with lumpy yellow skin with green markings. He has two pseudopods on the sides of his upper body. Two vertical eyes with rectangular pupils are on top of his head, accompanied by two yellow and orange nodes on the sides of the head. His mouth is beneath by the eyes in a frowning gesture. Roller Snail's brown shell is like that of a typical snail, with curved lines segmenting it. At the center of the shell is a circular groove with two rotund metal vents on each side.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the side of the shell.


  • Durable Shell- Roller Snail's shell can resist damage from high velocity impacts and temperature changes.
  • Flammable Mucus- Roller Snail produces a flammable mucus that can ignite easily.
  • Retractable Body- Roller Snail can retract the soft parts of his body into his shell for protection.
  • Enhanced Speed- Roller Snail can ignite his mucus using through his metal vents to propel himself at a top speed of 60 miles per hour. He can also retract his body into his shell before doing this to roll.
  • Directional Sensory Nodes- Roller Snail possesses two nodes on the sides of his face to see while rolling.
  • Telepathy- Roller Snail's nodes allow him to speak with other Shelled Velolusk telepathically.
  • Retractable Eyes- Roller Snail can retract his eye stalks into his body to protect them.


  • Soft Body- Roller Snail's body is vulnerable to damage when not retracted into the shell.
  • Open Flames- If Roller Snail's mucus is exposed to an open flame, his whole body will ignite. This is potentially lethal.
  • Archimargians- Archimargians, Head Chef's species, are the natural predators of Shelled Velolusk.


Shelled Velolusks were only recently discovered to be intelligent. Their simple lives and the fact that they don’t speak verbally to other Velolusks made them seem like nothing more than simple-minded animals to observers. Azmuth accidentally picked up on their telepathic frequency and discovered that they were carrying on full conversations that no one else could hear.

They spend most of their days talking to one another and rolling around for fun. Their rolling ability is also used to fend off predators, like the Archimargians. The Archimargians, being chefs, see the Shelled Velolusk as a delicacy that can be used for cooking in a multitude of ways. Their signature dish using a Shelled Velolusk carves the shell into a large bowl, the Velolusk inside is then coated in various seasonings before being lit aflame by its own mucus to cook in front of the customer.






  • There are three varieties of Velolusk, they all use their mucus in different ways.
  • Head Chef is currently the predator of Roller Snail.
  • Roller Snail and Head Chef share the same home planet.