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"For Whom the Bell Tolls..."
―Ronald Lancer's last words.[src]

Ronald Lancer, known simply as Mr. Lancer, is a character in And Beyond. He first appeared in And Beyond Episode 3: The Ghost Zone. He is a Ghost from the Danny Phantom Universe.


Lancer has turquoise skin, green, hollow eyes, and purple hair. He wears a mustard-brown coat over a yellow shirt with a plaid, red tie, grey pants, and brown shoes.

In his past life, he was an overweight, bald, middle-aged man with green eyes and a goatee and most often seen wearing a light blue short-sleeved dress shirt with a black tie, gray slacks, and black shoes.


Still taking his teaching job seriously, he cares for his students with a stern authority. He tries to connect with them through lingo and interests. It seems as though after his death he's much more calm and standoffish of looking at his situation. Still prone to have a hot head on occasion.


  • Ghost Biology- Lancer possesses standard ghost abilities, such as levitation, intangibility, and invisibility.
  • High Intelligence- As a Principal, Lancer is well educated, open-minded, and wise beyond his years.


  • No Combat Experience- Lancer does not have combat experience or any training to defend himself, so he may not be able to fully utilize his ghost abilities for combative situations.


A former cheerleader, teacher and vice principal at Casper High School, he teaches various classes on campus. Mr. Lancer passed away due to a heart attack during the third annual teacher's all steak buffet, his last words being “For Whom the Bell tolls…” He spent a year wandering around the Ghost Zone until finding the Fenton Portal and convincing them to let him through. The Fentons agreed, on the terms that he wouldn't cause trouble, and they could use him for researching Ghost metaphysical biology. Impressed that he’d returned from the grave to continue to shape young minds, the school board promoted him to principal.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 11: Shattered (Page 28) Lancer takes the role of the minister for Danny’s and Sam’s wedding inside Danny's nightmare while trapped within the dark matter.


And Beyond

5 Years Later


  • Danny went to his funeral, along with many other students and education staff associated with Lancer.
  • When startled, Lancer often uses the titles of famous literary works as exclamations in substitution of curse words.
  • In Episode 3: The Ghost Zone, many possible future versions of Lancer appear. However, they only exist while he is inside the Ghost Zone.