"I may not be one of your kind, but I know what it is like to be Human. I think about my loved ones everyday. Their thought is what helps motivate me in this job."
―Rook Blonko[src]

Rook Blonko is a hero in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 1: Alienated. He is a Revonnahgander from the planet Revonnah, which is located in the Ben 10 Universe.


Rook is a tall and lean humanoid alien with orange eyes. He usually wears a blue and black Proto-Tech Armor suit with his Proto-Tool on his shoulder. Rook has blue and white fur with black stripes across his body.


Rook takes a tactical approach to most things, and always thinks before he acts. He also has a formal dialect, calling people that he doesn't know by respectful terms such as "sir" or "ma'am." He is generally open-minded and gets along with most people, although certain beings can push him to his limit.


  • Plumber Training- Rook's combat experience comes from training at the Plumber's academy, and has improved his fighting style Revonnah Kai and developed his combat through missions from being a Plumber.
  • Mechanical Knowledge- Rook has incredible knowledge and proficiency at reparing various technologies and machinery and understanding how they work.


  • Proto-Tool- Rook's Proto-Tool has over a million uses and can be very versatile in certain situations.
  • Proto-Tech Armor- Rook wears a protective armor that allows him to withstand considerable damage.


  • Extreme Heat- Rook can't withstand being exposed to extreme heat due to having fur.
  • Unpredictability- Rook can be at a disadvantage if he faces an unpredictable foe since he is usually accustomed to conventional techniques and fighting styles.


Before 5 Years Later

Prior to the events of 5 Years Later, Rook has been Ben Tennyson's partner for five years. During this time, he was promoted to the rank of Magister in the Plumbers.

At age 19 in And Beyond Episode 5: Krypton and Vegeta, Rook is seen dancing on a beach from the planet Vegeta with a few Saiyans.

In The Message, Rook was seen after the battle with Psyphon, watching the prisoner while Ben talked to Blukic and Driba.

5 Years Later


5 Years Later


And Beyond


  • Rook is the second Ben 10 character to appear in 5 Years Later, the first being Ben Tennyson.
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