Rooter Headquarters

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That big metal thing you parked your ship on was the "evil lair" of some guy we took out a few years ago.Ben Tennyson

The Rooter Headquarter's, is Plumber base that is located in the Null Void. After the base's commander, Servantis was kicked out of the Plumbers, this base was used to regularly monitor the district.


The base is similar to a Plumbers space station base with a grey, red and dark blue color scheme.

The Rooms in the Rooters Headquarter's have a square layout and are primarily made out of metal. They can contain furniture such as a grey metallic desk, technology like automatic doors and electric light system. The rooms have a similar color scheme to the base with the floors being dark blue, purple walls and some red and grey elements such as red windows with grey frames and the doors with grey frames and red holes. The floors are made out of tiles and there are metal patterns on the walls.


  • Rooter Headquarter's appeared in Chapter 1: Alienated. It was the first place in the Null Void that Danny found and upon entering he meets Ben and Rook who thought he worked for the Rooters. Ben transforms into Swampfire and fights Danny. After the battle is over Ben explains to Danny that the base was an Evil Lair of "Some Guy" they took down a few years ago.


  • In the base, there is a desk that has a pattern similar to Servantis.
  • After the Rooters were shut down, the Plumbers did a full physical and digital scan to wipe all Servantis' progress, then put the base back in the Null Void to regularly monitor the district.
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