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Rorsmack is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shoul from the Anvitic Nebula in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Rorsmack is a tall and lean humanoid transformation. He has a silver and black body with orange veins full of his mana-tainted blood and dark blue fur around his neck. His silver skull-like head is actually a mask with a green pad.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Shapeshifting- Rorsmack is able to morph and twist his body around into different shapes and forms to make weapons and other tools and shapes. He is able to burst the veins from his body in dire situations.
  • Mana Consumption- Rorsmack can consume mana into his bloodstream. The more mana he consumes, the stronger he becomes.
    • Spell Reversal- Any spell cast on him, will eventually lose effect and ware off as he absorbs the mana, thereby undoing the spells effects.
  • Blood Projection- Rorsmack can cough up his blood to preform mana-based attacks with it. This is only done in tough situations due to the dangers of blood loss.
  • Liquid Metal Manipulation- Rorsmack's body is made up of an organic liquid metal that he can manipulate. He can change this metal between liquid and solid.


  • Mana Starvation- A lack of mana will result in him starving to death.
  • Limited Shapeshifting- Rorsmack's shapeshifting is limited to his color scheme, in addition, his skull is always present preventing him from having nearly limitless shapeshifting possibilities.
  • Solid Body- Rorsmack cannot freely manipulate the form of any part of his body that is solid.


Shouls take great pride in their masks as it is the only thing that makes them stand out amongst each other and they spend their lifetimes trying to forge the perfect masks for themselves. The Shouls themselves are incredibly nihilistic, always trying to shapeshift into the most dark, terrifying and "cool" things they can come up with to try to one up each other. All in the pursuit to give themselves a unique identity.

The Shouls' planet Anvoas, is actually a nebula that is also known as the Anvitic Nebula. This nebula is incredibly unusual and strangely, is said to have no end. This Nebula is full of "impure" mana which to the Shouls and other inhabitants of the Nebula, is like air. This "air" of mana is incredibly toxic, capable of tearing at flesh and even bone for non-native inhabitants. Time seems to flux in this nebula, making the concept of time almost non-existent. The Shouls are not the only race that dwells in the nebula, however, many have never been documented.

The nebula has been theorized to be a tear in reality, leading to a hellish dimension similar to the Null Void. However, nobody has ever tried to prove if that theory is true.






  • Rorsmack's blood has the consistency of molten glass.