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Rrejjoe are a species from the planet Krypton in the Ben 10 Universe.


Rrejjoe are reptilian in appearance, with bodies primarily composed of the same deep-red stone as their habitat within the Darklands. They have multiple kryptonite crystal growths extruding from their torsos, limbs, and tail. Their eye sockets and teeth are also composed entirely of kryptonite crystal.


  • Enhanced Durability- The solid stone skin of the Rrejjoe grants them great durability against attacks.
  • Kryptonite Generation- Due to a Kryptonite gas compound that makes up their innards, Rrejjoe can turn any material into solid kryptonite by breathing this gas out.


  • Kryptonite Reliance- To replenish its internal Kryptonite gas, a Rrejjoe must constantly consume Kryptonite. Failure to do so will result in death, with their bodies becoming lifeless stone.
  • Mineral Composition- Being made of pure Kryptonite and with the ability to produce more, Rrejjoe are highly sought after by Kryptonians, who seek to harness their abilities for construction and development.

Society and History

Made from the same minerals as the planet, the bipedal Rrejjoe are the eldest life on Krypton, and can be said to be the original Kryptonians, having resided there long before the current Kryptonians colonized the planet centuries ago.

During the Kryptonian harvest season, many Rrejjoe are captured and forcibly taken to the surface, where they are overfed in processing plants to rapidly produce kryptonite gems for the personal gain of the surface dwellers. This, coupled with the destruction of the Darklands, has led to the species nearing extinction.


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