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Saiyans are a species from the planet Vegeta in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


In their base forms, Saiyans are muscular humanoids with large blocky hair that varies between brown and black. They have hair on the top of their feet, and tails that resemble those of monkeys.

In their Senzu forms, Saiyans are more feral and ape-like, with a dense covering of fur. Their hair grows longer, and they develop a colorful streak that mirrors the type of Ki they have mastered.


  • Ki Energy Blasts - Saiyans are able to create massive energy blasts via Ki Control.
  • Flight - Saiyans can fly incredibly fast. In their Senzu Forms, they can exceed faster than light-speeds.
  • Senzu Transformation - Saiyans are able to transform into a Senzu Form, which significantly boost their Ki control and other abilities.


  • Energy Overload: Ki control can be very tricky and dangerous to use for novices, they can accidentally overcharge their still developing cells and burn out their bodies, rendering them powerless until they've recovered.

Society and History

Saiyans were descended from Kryptonian survivors of the colony of Sadala, who, in their short time there, had exhausted all natural resources and were dying of starvation. One day, a vessel landed on Sadala, helmed by a crew of Dragons from the planet Zaka Chagg, who were mapping out the galaxy. Through pleading and convincing by the colony leader, the Dragons agreed to help them migrate to a new planet, bringing them to the neighboring planet of Vegeta.

Over the centuries, the colonists not only survived, but thrived and evolved on Vegeta, acquiring more animalistic traits to better suit their environment. Bringing technologies with them, they worked with the Tuffles to create and sustain a peaceful society coexisting with each other, an example being using their crystalline living pods as solar panels for the Senzu trees. With the Dragons acting as translators and the Tuffle as mentors, the three species shared their knowledge, creating a bond of trust that extends across both planets.

As the generations passed in this yellow sun and Ki rich environment, the colonists flourished, becoming physically stronger, wiser, and spiritually in tune with the universe. They made peace with all life on their planet, and became a utopian society. By adapting the Tuffles Ki control techniques, they learned to not only control, but generate an amazing amount of Ki energy. Because of the substantial evolution they went through, they became an entirely new species, known as Saiyans.

Notable Saiyans

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