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"Wow dude, seriously? You know that I can handle myself even without the 'glowing green eyes', right?"
―Sam Manson[src]

Sam Manson is a Character in 5 Years Later. She first appeared in Chapter 1: Alienated. She is a human from the planet Earth in the Danny Phantom Universe and the fiancé of Danny Fenton.


Sam wears black lipstick, She has fair skin, violet eyes and black and purple hair. She also wears a black and purple dress. She wears black and purple socks with black shoes.


Her personality is less dreary than the stereotypical “goth” persona that is usually shown. She can be bossy, passionate, strong-willed, but also good-hearted. Based on how Sam conducts herself, it would be more fair to say that she labels herself a goth more as an outlet for her independence and individuality than as an embrace of how the stereotypical goth is presumed to behave-as such; she is often livid over the wider range of popular materials. She's rational, sometimes sarcastic, forceful, and level-headed, but in the end she has a caring heart.


  • Fenton Weaponry Expertise- Sam is able to use the weaponized inventions of Fenton Works by Jack and Maddie Fenton.
  • Occult Knowledge- Sam is quite knowledgeable about goth subjects such as dark and evil artifacts.
  • Multilingual Skill- Sam learned how to speak Esperanto. She has also displayed some knowledge of French, Italian, and Japanese, between other languages.


  • Human Weaknesses- Sam is a regular human, and thus has weaknesses a regular human would have.


  • Sam's got into her fair share of troubles and adventure, ranging from being turned briefly into a ghost dragon when wearing the Amulet of Aragon when Paulina gave it to Sam, thinking it was hers, to accidentally wishing away Danny Phantom's existence to nearly being a bride to Prince Aragon to getting possessed by Undergrowth. She is responsible for designing the “D” emblem on Danny's outfit, and has known Tucker and Danny from since at least the second grade.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 35) Sam, Tucker Foley, Jazz Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jack Fenton, all appeared in a brief flashback Danny had before going through his Awakened Form. An alternate future of hers from Future Fenton's timeline was also seen, with an additional alternate timeline version of her appearing in Chapter 10.