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Sanavox are a species from the planet Sonorosia in 5 Years Later.


The Sanavox's appearance varies between each being, but each of them possess a technological suit with a sign of emanating vibrational frequencies.


  • Vibrational Manipulation- The Sanavox can manipulate the natural frequencies of the universe around them, allowing them to have a physical form. They can also use these vibrations for attacks by speeding up or slowing down their own frequenting forms and channeling the waves through their suits.
  • Linguistic Capacities- The Sanavox can understand any language, even those not understood by Universal translators. This is accomplished by absorbing it in sound waves and converting them into a frequency. This also works on all other forms of frequency.


  • Technopaths- Their suits can be taken over by Technopaths.

Society and History

The Sanavox are born from lightning strikes and abandoned Olimarian technology, the lightning grounds the ionized frequencies into the discarded tech, where they become trapped inside and build up energy. Over time, this energy becomes so great that it begins to meld and manifest signals and frequencies into a form of thought and speech, becoming a consciousness, making a Sanavox. They differ in size and shape, depending on their vessel, but they all possess the ability to manipulate vibrational frequencies, including the ones that form their bodies, and the ability to understand any language by absorbing soundwaves and converting it into a frequency.

They spend their days on the surface of the planet, searching for 'newborns', in hopes that they can learn who they are and why they are there. When multiple Sanavox get together, they typically form a tribe, roaming around from small settlements made from the remnants of the Olimaran society, and which contain mounds of mechanical constructs in the center, acting as a lighting rod, so that if lighting strikes and any new Sanavox are created, they won't come into the world alone.

They are good friends with their neighboring species, the Sonorosians, the two species often trading and exchanging ideas with each other. Through their interactions, they've developed a religion known as The Great Hum, based on the Sonorosians tales of their former masters and the mysterious frequencies heard by the Sanavox in the sky. Believing that these sounds are the Olimarans telling them of their eventual return.

Notable Sanavox


  • Sanavox do not possess a set life span but overtime do have to make physical repairs to their bodies because of wear and tear.
  • Sanavox are capable of moving from one vessel to another, but it is extremely dangerous for them.
  • The Sanavox typically have individuals posted in shifts holding up the large vibrational bubble around their settlements to protect them from a majority of the hostile world.