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Scraptile is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mineragon from the planet Ferron in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Scraptile is a muscular anthropomorphic lizard alien with a white mane. His scale color is brown and a light brown abdomen. Scraptile has a long brown tail with the light brown on the bottom. He wears a black suit with white stripes and armor that covers his entire body with green stripes.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his chest.


  • Enhanced Strength- Scraptile is strong enough to lift an SUV, stay grappled onto a Vaxasaurian, rip through steel, and cleave through stone with any melee weapon.
  • Enhanced Speed- Scraptile can run short distances at 70 MPH.
  • Enhanced Durability- Scraptile's scales can deflect bullets and even sustain heavy artillery weapons like tanks. He can take a hit from a train, but he has to be prepared for it.
  • Enhanced Hand-to-Hand Combat- Scraptile is well versed in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Weapon Proficiency- Scraptile can wield and has immense knowledge on melee weapons.
  • Ferrokinesis- Scraptile has telepathic control over steel. He can use it to build structures and armor, fire shards as projectiles, cover his body with spikes, create weapons with the metal on his body, and both absorb and consume metal to regenerate.
  • Electromagnetic Body- Scraptile's body is surrounded in an electromagnetic field, allowing him to help move metal.


  • Heavy Body- Scraptile can easily sink in water due to his heavy body.
  • Cold Temperatures- Scraptile can't survive in the cold.
  • Electricity- Scraptile can be easily electrocuted due to the large presence of metal around him.


Mineragons are but one of the many reptilian races on the planet of Ferron, though they are arguably the most dominant. They don’t set themselves apart in culture from the rest of the population, and like the rest, they follow their King with utmost devotion and respect.

Due to their inherent powers of manipulating metals and minerals, they are renowned across their Solar System as excellent craftsmen. However, they reject modern technology and try to live their lives like their ancestors did. 

Those that don’t devote themselves to the art of crafting and forging instead make a name for themselves in combat. Their inherent ferromancing abilities, durability, strength, and know-how with the makeup of several weapons and armors makes them excellent soldiers and tacticians. Mineragons are sturdy and stubborn, and mostly very straight forward. They aren’t good with sarcasm and can easily get offended.

Aside from their king, most Mineragons, like the rest of the Ferronian population, worship the 4 guardian beasts of Ferron, giant behemoths each claiming dominion over one of the planet's main areas. A desert to the west, an icy tundra to the north, a large mountain range to the east and an all-encompassing Ocean, with a large coral reef to the south. Mineragons are able to crossbreed with the other sapient reptilian races on Ferron, creating a very colorful population with a deeply intertwined culture built upon mutual respect and acceptance.






  • Scraptile's species are carnivores.
  • Male Mineragons have pairs of horns and tusks, while females only have the horns.
    • Scraptile, however, can't grow horns and tusks because of Ben's age.
  • Mineragon's manes can either grow only on the head or on their spines.
  • Scraptile's original name was Alloygator, but was changed due to Elimigator.