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The Sentient Gourds (also known as Mutant Pumpkins) are one of two species on Anur G'rrnay in the The Anur System in 5 Years Later. Their predators are Terrental Ogres.


Sentient Gourds are vegetal pumpkin-like humanoids. They have orange heads and green stalk-like bodies, irregular shaped mouths, yellow eyes, and a leaf on top of their heads.


  • Stretchy Bodies- Sentient Gourds are very stretchy.
  • Regeneration- Sentient Gourds can regenerate severed limbs


  • Terretnal Ogres- Sentient Gourds can be affected by a Terretnal Ogres' power.


Sentient Gourds were made by Corrodium radiation. They are equivalent to animals, they are not very intelligent. Terretnal Ogres, their predators, are using them as food and clothes.