Sightra is the home planet of Opticoids from the Ben 10 Universe.


Sightra is a rogue planet with no main solar system. It is a cluster planet, and is described as being gelatinous and viscous in nature.




Long ago, Sightra would drift in and out of The Anur System's gravitational pull. At one point, it got too close to the planet Anur G'rrnay and collided with it. Pieces of Sightra broke off and stuck to G'rrnay, while the rest of Sightra floated off, stranding Opticoid citizens on a remote planet.



  • The Opticoids who were stranded on Anur G'rrnay eventually evolved into Terretnal Ogre.
  • Sightra's gravitational pull is a twelfth of that of Anur G'rrnay.
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