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"Now, let's say you and me have some fun."

Skulker is a villain in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 8: Risen. He is a Ghost from the Ghost Zone.


In his true form, Skulker is a small green blob of ectoplasm with human characteristics, such as limbs and a face.

Skulker utilities a weaponized robotic suit in order to compensate for his diminutive size. In this form, he has electric green eyes, an electric green flaming goatee, and jagged teeth. The "skin" of his suit is both white and grey. He wears a black and green shawl, with a shoulder mounted cannon positioned on the right side of his armor. He wears a baggy pair of pants with a belt that has an S shaped buckle.


Skulker enjoys the thrill of the hunt and hunts down and collects rare ghosts for his vast collection. He is a murderous and persistent hunter who never lets anyone get away.

He is also incredibly arrogant and greedy often giving his prey a head start for the satisfaction of a longer hunt


  • Ghost Powers- Skulker possesses the standard ghost powers of flight, intangibility, and invisibility
  • Ghost Rays- Skulker can fire blue blasts of ecto-energy.


  • Robotic Suit- Because of Skulker's small size, he often utilizes his robotic suit. His Robotic suit possesses a plethora of weapon systems including:
    • Missile Launchers
    • Jet Pack
    • Ecto Energy Flail, Hook, and Blade
    • Shoulder Mounted Laser Cannons
    • Shield


  • Small Size- Without his Robotic Suit, Skulker is just a tiny ghost with low physical strength and can easily be overpowered
  • Robotic Suit- His robotic suit can be hacked, as well as taken over by technopaths and those who can merge with technology, as shown by GoTro in Chapter 8: Risen



5 Years Later

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  • In Chapter 7: Fold Eon is shown holding four cards in his hand when talking to Vlad. The fourth card was a hint that Eon had someone else in his Alliance which turned out to be Skulker.
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