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Slampeed is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pulsoar from the planet Luas Tapa in 5 Years Later.


Slampeed is a rhino-like humanoid alien. He has gray skin, green eyes, two horns on the back of his head, and a partial green exoskeleton protruding from his head. He wears a black and green bodysuit.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left forearm.


  • Enhanced Speed- Slampeed can run in short bursts of speed, which he uses to store kinetic energy in his skull.
  • Kinetic Shockwave- Once Slampeed stores enough kinetic energy in his skull, he can ram into opponents, causing a small explosion on impact. The further the distance, the more energy he builds up in his skull, and if a lot of energy builds up, his skull starts glowing, and he can smack someone with it and create a shockwave.


  • Momentum- Slampeed is unable to change directions while ramming.
  • Kinetic Energy Charge- Slampeed has to run forward for about five seconds before gaining enough power to create a destructive shockwave. Otherwise, the attack will not work.


Before 5 Years Later

  • Slampeed was unlocked when Ben was granted Master Control at Age 18.
  • Ben first transformed into Slampeed within days after getting the Master Control.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 3: Reunion (Page 14–16), Ben turns into Slampeed to save Danny from Vlad's Ghostly Wail before fighting Vlad.



  • Slampeed's design was inspired by early concept art for Upchuck.