Slingshot is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Synthenian Brailos from the planet Synthetos in 5 Years Later.


Slingshot is a blue humanoid alien with blue skin, three green eyes, and tentacles that can split apart. He is wearing a green, black, and white shirt with black underwear. Slingshot also has two green sleeves on the bottom of his legs.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his right leg.


  • Elastic Body- Slingshot can stretch his limbs out to fling himself at the opponent.
  • Sticking- Slingshot can secrete a sticky adhesive that can stick him to walls for transportation or combat needs.
  • Ricochetting- Slingshot can wrap himself into a ball and bounce around.


  • Low Temperatures- Slingshot can get weakened by cold temperatures.
  • Water- If Slingshot is submerged in water, his tendrils lose their stick.


Before 5 Years Later

Slingshot was unlocked when Ben was granted Master Control at Age 18, but was not used until a year afterwards.

5 Years Later

In Chapter 3: Reunion (Page 6), Ben used Slingshot to fling himself above Vlad and immediately switched into Four Arms to attack him.



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