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Slobbarrage is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sputtorogg from the planet Sputta XVI in 5 Years Later.


Slobbarrage has a humanoid-like body, with a round belly and short legs. His arms are long and increase in width as they reach two mouths, which are in place of hands, with three more mouths located on his belly. He has three eyes and is covered in translucent yellow sacks. His uniform covers his legs, the sides of his body, and his under belly. The color scheme is green for the upper legs and underbelly, while sporting black for the sides and feet.

The Omnitrix symbol is located below his eyes.


  • Saliva Projection- Slobbarrage can use his mouths to rapidly blast saliva, which can switch between five different types.
    • Green Saliva- Incredibly adhesive.
    • Yellow Saliva- Melts things on contact like acid.
    • Blue Saliva- This saliva can heal wounds.
    • Orange Saliva- It can harden into an amber-like substance.
    • Red Saliva- Can be used as a flammable substance.
  • Saliva Oxidization- He has three more mouths used for inhaling oxygen, which fuels the chemical reactions of his saliva.


  • Electrical Conduit- His saliva can conduct electricity.
  • Hydration Dependency- If Slobbarrage is dehydrated, he cannot generate his saliva.
  • Lack Of Oxidation- If Slobbarage can't oxidize his saliva, their effects become weaker.
  • Unskillful- Slobbarage is not the best go-to alien for physical combat.
  • Weak Points- All the translucent sacks covering Slobbarrage's body, are weak points, that can cause lethal damage if exploited.
  • Lack Of Mobility- Due to his size and his body shape, Slobbarrage lacks in mobility.