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Slowpoke is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Limaculuck Maximus from the planet Limaculuck VII in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Slowpoke is a large alien that has slug-like qualities. He has four eyestalks, two arms, and a large, long body. Speckled throughout the top portion of his body are brown patches of rougher skin, while most of his body consists of a stickier, tan surface. The stomach area and underside of his body acts as his foot, which is ultimately his mode of transport due to being more frictionless compared to the rest of his body. The Omnitrix is positioned on his neck area.


  • Luck Aura- Slowpoken can generate an aura of “luck” that makes them more fortunate in general. This aura resembles some aspects of reality-warping, but it does so in a subtle way that whenever it is in use, it feels as if its effects were always destined to happen. The ability can only affect one situation at a time, and is limited to the general area around the individual rather than being a universally-present ability – except for when members of the species are grouped together, in which case the aura grows larger. The ability also does not undermine any of Slowpoke’s natural weaknesses, meaning that the power alone typically can’t increase the speed, strength, or intelligence of any member of the species.
  • Enhanced Durability- Slowpoke’s body is very durable, with a soft but resistant body mass of jelly-like material and moisture. Due to not having a bone structure, he is very flexible and can take various degrees of physical injury.


  • Slow Movement- Slowpoke is a very slow-moving alien. He cannot move long distances very quickly, but he never really needs to in order to accomplish his goal.
  • Very Weak- Slowpoke is very jiggly and weak, with having little to no muscles throughout his body.
  • Underwhelming Capabilities- The Limaculuck Maximus species is very uninteresting aside from their sapiene and probability-altering “luck” ability. They are slow, weak, and not very intelligent generally.


Slowpoke’s species, the Limaculuck Maximus, is incredibly lucky in nature and always has good fortune. Their bodies emit a special aura of “luck”; a subtle, reality-altering aura that always causes things to go their way. This aura taps into probability and chance within time and space itself.

They are incredibly rare throughout the universe, though, as Limaculuck VII houses so many of them that their concentrated and combined auras have protected the planet from outside influences. Whenever a space-faring species or organization has been on the brink of discovering the planet, they become affected by the aura. This then causes their surveying systems to malfunction, thus leaving the planet untouched and undiscovered. They are also very slow moving, have no notable feats in technology, and are very weak. This makes the species very stationary, with virtually no Limaculuck Maximus ever leaving the planet. That is, until one day, a rogue Limaculuck Maximus scientist had planned to harness her aura for evil, attempting to steal the auras of every other existing member of her species by using her newly invented space station. The governments of Limaculuck VII then decided that Ben Tennyson was the only one capable of saving them, sending out a distress signal and opening their planet to him.






  • Slowpoke’s abilities are partly inspired by Marvel Comics’ Wanda Maximoff, who has her own form of probability-altering powers.
  • Slowpoke’s design is based heavily on slugs from Earth, and in particular, the Limacus Flavus and the Acochlidium Fijiiensis.
  • Slowpoke’s name comes from the term “slow-poke”, which means slow-moving and slow at accomplishing something.