Slugger is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Musamalmax from the planet Arioldrome in 5 Years Later.


Slugger is a quadrupedal snail-like transformation. He has a small blue and grey shell on his head with yellow, rubber-like skin and two long eyestalks. He has a light blue underbelly and has four legs, along with two tentacle-like hands. He wears a black, green, and white coat on his upper body.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the right side of his shell.


  • Elastic Epidermis- Slugger has rubber-like skin, making his body highly elastic and difficult to damage.
  • Mucus Secretion- He secretes a slippery mucus from his underbelly.
  • Prehensile Eyestalks- Slugger has long elastic eyestalks capable of grasping objects and can even be used to deliver tremendous blunt force impact.


  • Heavyset- While his eyestalks can mover very quickly, his body itself is very slow due to his tiny limbs.
  • Heat Sensitivity- He must keep himself moist for his mucus. Otherwise, he'll begin to dry up and can then be damaged very easily.


As Slugger, Ben becomes a more cocky fighter and doesn't give up on anything even when he should. He can be easily agitated.








  • Slugger's personality is akin to a stereotypical Boston Boxer.

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