Smash Mouth

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Smash Mouth is the EVO fusion of Slampeed, Swampfire and Diamondhead transformed Jungle Ben in Chapter 7: Fold.


Smash mouth is rather freakish in appearance, having a vaguely humanoid body. On his head he has a large green bulge taken from Slampeed with crystalline shape of Diamondhead, he also has a crystalline under bite, his torso is mostly taken from Swampfire, some of the Swampfire's vines go into the Left arm which is mainly taken from Diamondhead and the tail and the ends of the right arm and right leg. The modified Omnitrix symbol is on his chest with the “uniform” coming out of it, which is similar to Upgrade in appearance.


  • Enhanced Speed- Smash Mouth can run in short bursts of speed, which he uses to store kinetic energy in his skull.
  • Kinetic Shockwave- Once Smash Mouth stores enough kinetic energy in his skull, he can ram into opponents, causing a small explosion on impact. The further the distance, the more energy he builds up in his skull, and if a lot of energy builds up, his skull starts glowing, and he can smack someone with it and create a shockwave.
  • Chlorokinesis- Smash Mouth can control plant life via volatile organic compounds.
  • Pyrokinesis- Smash Mouth can release methane gas and then light it, allowing him to shoot fire at will, similar to a flamethrower.
  • Crystal Projectiles- Smash Mouth can rapidly shoot crystal projectiles out of his hand.
  • Crystal Manipulation- Smash Mouth can reshape his arms into various weapons. He can also extend his crystals into the ground to make large crystal structures.
  • Regeneration- Smash Mouth can regenerate parts of his body if they are severed.
  • Energy Redirection- Smash Mouth's crystalline parts allows him to both deflect and absorb most energy beams.


  • Momentum- Smash Mouth is unable to change directions while ramming.
  • Kinetic Energy Charge- Smash Mouth has to ram forward for about 5 seconds before gaining enough power to create a destructive shockwave. Otherwise, the attack will not work.
  • Low Temperatures- Smash Mouth's flames can be extinguished with extreme cold.
  • Regeneration Limit- Smash Mouth has a limit to how much he can regenerate.
  • Sonic frequencies- Smash Mouth's crystalline body parts may shatter if hit with powerful enough sonic frequencies.




  • His name is a reference to a music band Smash Mouth, which made a song called All Star which has become a popular internet meme.
  • Out of the three EVO fusions from Chapter 7, he is the fusion with the least amount of alien DNA samples.

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