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Snare-Oh is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Thep Khufan from Anur Khufos in The Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Snare-Oh is a tall, humanoid alien that closely resembles a mummy. His body consists of bandages, with several being stretched out to resemble tendrils.

He wears a green and black headdress with gold rimming around his face. Along with a green and black garment with gold trimming, braces on his wrists and two greaves on his legs.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on a golden belt which is on his waist.


  • Limited Shapeshifting- Snare-Oh can shape-shift by detangling his bandages and morphing them.
  • Bandage Generation- Snare-Oh can generate bandages from his body.
  • Elasticity- Snare-Oh can stretch his bandages.
  • Regeneration- Snare-Oh can regenerate his bandages.
  • Unraveling- Snare-Oh is capable of unraveling his body to escape situations, and he is also able to unravel himself to one bandage to maneuver small spaces.
  • Space Survivability- Snare-Oh can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Body Separation- Snare-Oh can separate his mummy-like body to make a cushion to fall on are they move to another area faster.
  • Enhanced Strength- Snare-Oh has a form of enhanced strength, strong enough to bend metal with his fists or his bandages.
  • Corrodium Immunity- Snare-Oh is immune to the negative effects of Corrodium.


  • Strong Winds- Snare-Oh's body can be blown apart during a strong wind storm.
  • Freezing- Being made of a material similar to bandages, Snare-Oh can be frozen, leaving his body in a very fragile state.
  • Fire- Being made of a material similar to paper, Snare-Oh's bandages are highly flammable.






  • Snare-Oh's official design was released on October 31, 2019, to make up for the delay of the Anur System episode of And Beyond.
  • Snare-Oh's final design is a mixture of concepts between Kuro and Ash.
  • Snare-Oh's original name was Benmummy.