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Soarnitho is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ithibis from the Extra-Dimensional Realm of Ledgerdomain in 5 Years Later.


Soarnitho is a humanoid bird alien with blue fur, and a pair of huge, white, moth-like wings on his back. He has two pairs of black, double-jointed arms tipped with three claws, and similarly double-jointed legs. He has a green patch of fur underneath his arms, and a pair of horns that curve around his eyes and beak, before jutting from his head, with the left horn slightly longer than the right.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

When using his powers, Soarnitho's eyes go from green to a luminous pink.


  • Sorcery- Soarnitho possesses a large abundance of Mana, which allows him to utilize and learn magical spells far easier than other living beings.
  • Mana Manipulation- Soarnitho can utilize Mana in the form of energy attacks, shields, and barriers of Mana.
  • Mystical Aid- Due to his extraordinary Mana supply, Soarnitho can be used as a power augmenter for magic users such as Gwendolyn, allowing them to utilize powerful spells without the need to meditate or use other magical items and practices.
  • Flight- Soarnitho's moth-like wings, allow him to fly.
  • Enhanced Agility- Soarnitho is capable of dodging and swerving while flying due to the strange nature of Ledgerdomain's atmosphere.
  • Enhanced Memory- Soarnitho has an exceptional memory, allowing him to more easily recite spells and recall other important memories in the midst of battle.


  • Limited Magical Knowledge- In order to use spells, he must first learn how to use and cast specific spells before he can apply it into his move set through skilled magic-users such as Gwen.


The Ithibis are Guardians of Ledgerdomain and naturally produce an excessive amount of Mana. As a result, they can quickly become highly adept magic users.




  • His name is a play on the words, Soar and Ornithophobia, the fear of peacocks or other birds.
  • In Gwen's travels throughout Ledgerdomain, she encountered an Ithibis, which is how Ben acquired their DNA sample.
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