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Sonorosia is the home planet of the Sonorosians and the Sanavox from the Ben 10 universe.


One of the most forgotten planets in its system. Centuries ago Sonorosia was thriving with technology, and home to a species called the Olimarans. The Olimarans knowledge of tech was what deemed Sonorosia a 'level 13' planet. They sold their advanced weaponry and tech to criminals all over the galaxy, this met them with a high demand. The continued harvesting of the planets resources let it fall to ruin. The planet became polluted and dangerous for life, this was the cause for the Olomarans to abandon their home.

After the many years in the absence of the Olimarans, two new species evolved into sentience, the Sonorosians and the Sanavox. The Sanavox are bipedal bio mechanical hybrids, they are essentially living sound waves in a mechanical suit. They where born when lightning struck leftover Olimaran tech, fusing sound energy and tech into a living being.

The Sonorosians where originally the creations of the Olimarans, essentially to be workers and slaves. They were built with the planet's most abundant resource: silicon. The Olimarans made a special goo out of the silicon to create host bodies that can self duplicate. The silicon bodies were powered with sound waves, enough absorption of said sound waves is what led to their sentience. Both species are good friends to one another, they live in peace and share stories about the return of their creators.


Sonorosia's surface appears to be lifeless, this is due to no signs of flora or bodies of water. The surface is mostly composed of stone and sand. Its structure is filled with canyons and gorges, cutting deep into the mantle of the planet. This causes the planet's gravitational force to be completely imbalanced. Its electromagnetic pull is far stronger then it's gravitational pull. This creates a dense ionosphere filled with lightning storms.


The landscape of Sonorosia is mainly broken up into destroyed mega cities, large sections of dessert and then the caverns. Each of the systems of settlements have larger hubs with smaller ones branching out from them.