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Sonorosians are a species from the planet Sonorosia in 5 Years Later.


Sonorosians are bipedal bio-mechanical beings that are made of sound contained in a silicon-based construct. Their silicon body is white and black, with their soundwaves appearing as various colors. They also wear simple, rough clothing on various parts of their body.


  • Ultrasonic Screams- Sonorosians can scream at ultrasonic frequencies, causing immense pain to most living beings who hear it.
  • Self-Duplication- Sonorosians can duplicate themselves by splitting the soundwaves in their body and surrounding it in in a new silicon-based suit. When a Sonorosian duplicates, the "Echo" becomes an individual being.
  • Echolocation- Sonorosians can locate people or objects using soundwaves.


  • Fragile Bodies- Sonorosians, being cheaply made, are very fragile and easy to destroy individually.

Society and History

The Sonorosians are artificial creations of the Olimarans, who created them to perform menial tasks. They were designed specifically to be as useful as an entire labor union, but small enough to not be in the way. Because silicone was the most abundant resource that they had almost no use for, the Olimarans developed a bio-gel bonding agent with silicone rubber to create a cheap, self-replicating host body. The Sonorosians are powered by noises produced during construction, due to silicone being an excellent absorber of sound, and the fact that the noise from construction and the bustling cities would ensure a constant source of power that they wouldn't need to monitor. Over time, the Sonorosians evolved and gained sentience, presumably as a result of the ionized atmosphere effecting the sound waves they absorbed, an unintentional result to the Olimarans.

When the planet started to die, the Sonorosians fled underground to avoid the violent storms of the surface, where they spend their days building new homes in the safety of their caverns and use the old mining and transport tunnels for fast travel between building sites. However, they must sometimes journey to the surface to collect materials necessary for construction, sending out multiple pods of replicates of themselves.

The Sonorosians are quite friendly and often interact and trade with the surface-dwelling Sanavox. Their interactions have led to a religious movement between the two species, known as The Great Hum , which is based off the stories of their former overlords and the Sanavox's mysterious frequencies they hear from the sky.

Notable Sonorosians