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The Specter Speeder is an exploration shuttle craft invented by Jack Fenton for the purpose of exploring the Ghost Zone. After Danny Fenton repaired the Fenton Ghost Portal, he used the Speeder to traverse the dimension, landing in the Null Void when it ran out of power.


The Specter Speeder is a small transportation vehicle, with a small bench located in the front of the cockpit for the pilot and passengers. It only fits three people maximum. The front of the Speeder is a clear dome, which acts as the windshield.


  • Transportation- The Specter Speeder is capable of flying through its own propulsion, able to traverse the Ghost Zone and the Null Void with no difficulty.
  • Transformation- The speeder can change its shape to a submarine for underwater travel.
  • Ghost Containment- The Speeder can store an entire battalion of ghosts inside.