Speed Demon

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Speed Demon is the EVO fusion of XLR8, Upgrade, Armodrillo, Diamondhead and Stinkfly that Ninja Ben transformed into in Chapter 7: Fold.


The general shape of Speed Demon is very similar to XLR8's which includes the Legs with the wheels, the skin of Speed Demon is taken from Upgrade, which has yellow circuitry instead of green, the right arm of Speed Demon is a slightly smaller and orange version of Armodrillo's arm, he also possesses two orange-yellow wings, his left arm is a slightly less buff version of Diamondhead's arm, the uniform covers the legs. The modified Omnitrix symbol is on the right shoulder plate.


  • Super Speed- Speed Demon possesses incredible speed.
  • Flight- Speed Demon has the ability to fly.
  • Drilling- Speed Demon can drill through objects using the drill located on his right Talpadean arm.
  • Limited Shapeshifting- Speed Demon possesses a slight ability to shapeshift his left Petrosapien arm.
  • Projectiles- using his left Petrosapien arm, Speed Demon can shoot projectiles.
  • Technopathy- Being part Galvanic Mechamorph Speed Demon has the ability to control technology.


  • Obscured Vision- Speed Demon's vision can be obscured by things such as dense gas, making him confused and vulnerable to attacks.




Speed Demon by Insane-Mane

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