When a Magic User manipulates life energy, they cast Spells. Some Spells can be cast by Non-Magic Users if the Caster still knows how to manipulate their Chi, such as Chronians.

Types of Spells

Image Incantation Type Caster
Time Reversal.png
Time Reversal Time Manipulation Eon
This spell is used to revert people or objects to an earlier appearance.
Time Stop.png
Chrono Suspension Time Manipulation Eon
This spell is used to freeze the movement of time around people or objects.
5yl Gwen Spell 2.PNG
"Spiritu Vocal Aquas, Resurgemus" Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spell is used to summon the guardian of the seas, Hamilton.
5yl Gwen Spell 3.PNG
"Spiritu Vocat Caeli, Resuegemus" Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spell is used to summon the guardian of the skies, Evita.
Adonis Spell.png
"Spiritu Vocal Palus, Resurgemus" Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spell is used to summon the guardian of the forests, Adonis.
5yl Gwen Spell 1.PNG
"Cohifene In Eaque" Confining Gwendolyn Tennyson,


This spell is used to generate chains made out of Mana around the desired target, binding them. This allows the user to have a hold on their target without maintaining concentration on the Mana construct.
Experiment Whampire.png
Chi Manifestations Astral Projection Experiment 10
Experiment 10 can use chi to create manifestations of his transformations to access their abilities without transforming.
Ocular Rift.png
Ocular Rift Astral Projection Eon
Opens a portal to allow the user to see through different realities.
Teleportation Instant Transportation Eon
Allows the user to travel from one point in reality to another, almost instantaneously.
Spatial Abstract.png
Spatial Abstract Reality Alteration Chronians
Allows the user to manipulate reality on a fourth-dimensional level, breaking their typical third-dimensional physics.
Power Offering.png
Power Offering Energy Transfer Eon
A user can transfer a fraction of their Chi to another to give them a significant power boost.
Spirit Augmentation.png
Spirit Augmentation Overshadowing Eon
This spell allows the user to transfer their consciousness (their soul) into another body. If the target body already has a consciousness, it will become repressed and dormant, leaving the target unaware of their body's actions from that point forward until they are released, or perish.
Fabric Manifestation.png
Fabric Manifestation Appearance Alteration Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spell allows the user to change their appearance. This includes physical traits as well as clothing.
Chi Detonation.png
Chi Detonation Explosion Eon
This spell involves the user exerting a large amount of Chi in an unstable manor, causing it to create an explosive blast.
Flight Transportation Gwendolyn Tennyson,


The user can use Chi to levitate and propel themselves into the air. This spell can also aid the user in maintaining balance in an zero-gravity environment, and navigate through the area.
Chi Blast.png
Chi Blast Energy Attack Gwendolyn Tennyson
The user expels a stream of Mana, focused into a funnel, similar to a flamethrower.
Chi Dome.png
Chi Dome Energy Construct Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spells involves the user creating a dense sphere of Chi around themselves or a target. This can be used defensively as a shield, or offensively as a trap. The user must remain concentrating for the construct to hold.
Astava's Flock.png
Astava's Flock Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
This spell opens a rift, summoning an array of mystical birds to attack the target.
Spirit Animal Summoning.png
Spirit Animal Summoning Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
Gwen summons an array of spirit animals made of Mana to aid her in combat.
Mental Augmentation.png
Mental Augmentation Mind Manipulation Eon
This spell allows the user to enter the Mind Space of their target. This is presented as an artificial plane in their subconsciousness, where the caster can then project images for the target to see. If the spell was cast while the target is asleep, the caster could manipulate the target's dreams.
"Quis Quandum Era Maflictus Iem Feachus Mas Redentegero" Time Manipulation Gwendolyn Tennyson,


This spell is used to travel through time, yet requires strong meditation or a significant augmentation of power to cast, leaving the caster vulnerable.


Halos are mana-based constructs that help Magic Users focus their Chi for more efficient and clean spell casting. They are similar to magic sigils or runes, but are created by the user's own Chi. Different Halos are used for different types of magic. An experienced Caster can learn to create their own Halo, which amplifies their unique chi signature in all of their spells.

Types of Halos

Image Incantation Caster
Gwendolyn's Halo I.png
Gwendolyn's Halo I Gwendolyn Tennyson
Halo of Projection.png
Halo of Projection Gwendolyn Tennyson
Halo of Summoning.png
Halo of Summoning Gwendolyn Tennyson
Basic Mana Halo.png
Basic Mana Halo Gwendolyn Tennyson
Chronian Halo.png
Chronian Halo Chronians
These Halos are unique to the Chronian Race, as their theory of magic is self developed
Eve's Halo.png
Eve's Halo Eve
Gwendolyn's Halo II.png
Gwendolyn's Halo II Gwendolyn Tennyson
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