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Spidermonkey is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia in 5 Years Later.


Spidermonkey is a blue primate-like alien with six eyes, four arms, two legs, two striped tails, and three fingers on each hand. Certain parts of Spidermonkey's body are not covered in fur, such as his: upper arms, face, chest, fingers, and feet. Spidermonkey wears a black bodysuit with a green pattern with white stripes coming to the Omnitrix and green and black gloves.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Web Generation- Spidermonkey has the ability to shoot webs from his tails which are said to have the strength similar to steel.
  • Wall Scaling- Spidermonkey's limbs are able to stick on vertical and upside-down surfaces.
  • Sticky Fur- Spidermonkey can stick up to vertical surfaces.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Spidermonkey has the reflexes of a prime ape, being able to make quick movements and dodge attacks.
  • Enhanced Strength- Despite his small size, Spidermonkey can lift and throw many times his size.
  • Enhanced Hearing- Spidermonkey is capable of hearing several feet away from himself.
  • Enhanced Dexterity- Spidermonkey's tails and feet are all prehensile, allowing him to carry multiple objects at once.


  • Web Entanglement- Spidermonkey can get tangled by his own webs.
  • Temperature Change- Spidermonkey's webs can be frozen into a brittle state and melted.




  • Spidermonkey's abilities and personality are inspired by the popular Marvel Comics Superhero, Spider-Man.
    • Spidermonkey's uniform is also based on Spider-Man. The white stripes across his chest have a web-like pattern, and the green stripes resemble the same shape as the red torso on Spider-Man's costume.
  • Spidermonkey’s hairstyle is a reference to Beast from the X-Men.
  • Spidermonkey was one of the aliens that were given an Ultimate Form when Ben had an Ultimatrix, and was the first Ultimate used in Ultimate Alien.
  • Spidermonkey's new design has two tails so that he has a total of eight appendages, like a spider.

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