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Stick n Slide is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sonaraquid from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Stick n Slide is a greenish squid-like insectoid creature. He has one green and black eye and few tentacles protruding out of his torso, three shorter limbs of a darker green color from his underbelly and four more limbs for support, with disc-like ear canals at the end of each one. There are fins located on top of his thorax going from his torso to his mouth. His mouth is located at the back of his thorax, which has a purple tongue and yellowish, sharp teeth. He wears a black, white and green outfit.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his thorax.


  • Water Striding- Stick n Slide can slide on water as a form of transport thanks to his support tentacles.
  • Sonar Generation- Using the disc-shaped ear canals at the end of his tentacles, Stick n Slide can generate sonar beams which help him locate objects in water.
  • Web Generation- Stick n Slide can create a tough and sticky web from his thorax to capture and subdue others.
  • Wall Crawling- Stick n Slide can climb walls because of suction cups located on their disk-shaped ear canals.
  • Corrodium Immunity- Stick n Slide is immune to the negative effects of Corrodium.




The Sonaraquid's are surface-dwelling quadrupedal creatures that spend their days sliding and standing on the surface of the water, fishing for food.




And Beyond


  • Stick n Slide and the Sonaraquids were made last minute in order to give Ben a full Playlist of Anur transformations.