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Sucker Punch is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chimera Sui Generis from the planet currently named Vilgaxia, formerly Murray in 5 Years Later.


Sucker Punch is a large humanoid squid-like transformation. He has pale green skin and veins running across his body. He has two tanks on his face that allow him to breathe on land. He wears a costume with green, black, and white colors.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left arm.


  • Enhanced Strength- Sucker Punch is able to tank and deliver hard hits.
    • Enhanced Punches- His rubbery skin allows his punches to have some extra “bounce” in the recoil for additional power and speed before each punch.
  • Aquatic Form- When exposed to large amounts of water, Sucker Punch will transform into a large squid-like creature with enhanced swimming.


  • Damage Limit- Despite being able to take massive hits, there is a limit to how much Sucker Punch can withstand.
  • Transformation Prohibition- If too weak while in his aquatic form, Sucker Punch will be unable to transform into his landform, leaving him immobile and vulnerable.






  • He's the same species as one of the most widely known Ben 10 villain, Vilgax (who appeared in a flashback in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost).
  • Sucker Punch's name is a play on the term “sucker punch”, a punch made without warning, and the fact that squids typically have suckers on them.
  • Sucker Punch does not possess the same abilities as Gax from the Ben 10 Reboot, lacking the laser projection and tentacle arms as the Chimera Sui Generis do not naturally possess those abilities in the original continuity.
  • Sucker Punch was considered to appear in Chapter 3: Reunion, but was cut when the ending of the chapter changed.