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SunStrictor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Soliophiucus from Interstellar Space in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


SunStrictor is a long, segmented serpentine alien resembling a yellow snake with a black armored top. Along his sides are several solar cores that glow yellow. His mouth is snake-like with a slender tongue.

The Omnitrix badge is located at the back of the roof of his mouth.


  • Photonic Energy Absorption- SunStrictor possesses “solar cores” that are located along the sides of his body. These cores absorb & store photonic energy, including light, within SunStrictor's body. SunStrictor don't need to consume any organic matter, as they feed off of solar energy for sustenance, whether it's from their own supply stored in their cores or from an outside source.
  • Photonic Blasts- SunStrictor's solar cores allow him to release stored light in the form of either a bright flash from his eyes used to blind threats, or laser blasts released from his cores as a defense mechanism. SunStrictor's eyes constantly shine a dim light that's produced from their body's stored solar energy. It increases in intensity whenever he needs to see in a dark environment or when he needs to disorient enemies.
  • Self-Propelled Flight- SunStrictor also possesses the surprising ability to fly (the cause of this is unknown).
  • Constrictive Body- SunStrictor can constrict his body around his enemy's in a nearly unbreakable grip.


  • Energy Expenditure- SunStrictor's weakness is tied to his solar cores. If he uses up his solar energy, he'll need to recharge. If he doesn't, then he'll lose consciousness, leaving him vulnerable to danger.


The Soliophiuci are a space-faring species, hatching from eggs that orbit around suns and flying across space, constantly feeding off of the solar energy of stars. They are also known for visiting planets solely out of curiosity, but staying hidden for any intelligent life out of fear of harm or death.

A couple of Soliophiuci have been documented visiting Earth now and then, even contributing to the myths of solar deities.