Supersize is the EVO fusion of Eatle, Ripjaws, Four Arms, and Humungousaur used by Super Ben in Chapter 7: Fold of 5 Years Later.


Supersize is rather freakish in appearance, having a large body which gradually gets smaller to the point in which it creates a tail, his mouth is taken from Ripjaws, with having a horn from Eatle that looks similar to a human mustache, from his body come out his right arm which is a combination of Humungousaur's skin and Ripjaw's scales with Eatle's black plates, on his left side there comes out a fully-brown Humungousaur arm with a red Four Arms' arm coming out of that arm, out of his tail come out two legs which are a combination of Four Arms' and Ripjaws' legs which are too small to support Supersize's body. His modified Omnitrix symbol is on his forehead.


  • Enhanced Strength- Having both Tetramand and Vaxasaurian DNA, Supersize possesses incredible strength.
  • Size Control- Supersize is able to grow in size, gaining increased muscle with thicker skin and extra plating.
  • Laser Beams- Supersize can fire a green laser beam out of his horn.





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