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Swampfire is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Methanosian from the planet Methanos in 5 Years Later.


Swampfire (in his blossomed/matured form) has a plant-like humanoid body. He has a black body with orange hands, and a green outer layer. He has two long, red petals coming out of his shoulders that resemble flames. He has a green and yellow collar, resembling a blossoming flower. His face is yellow, but his forehead is black. He has green eyes. He has red frills sticking out of the side and his head, and a yellow frill on top of his forehead.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his lower stomach.


  • Chlorokinesis- Swampfire can release chemicals called “volatile organic compounds” that allow him to communicate and control nearby plants. Since the plants are not sentient, they cannot resist, allowing Swampfire to do with them as he pleases.
    • Methane Projection/Ignition- Swampfire can release methane gas and then light it, allowing him to shoot fire at will, similar to a flamethrower.
    • Seed Generation- Swampfire can generate sharp seeds from his body and throw them at opponents.
    • Root Control- Swampfire is able to dig his limbs into the ground and turn them into giant roots, allowing him to attack with sheer strength from a distance.
    • Mud Generation- Swampfire can create mud to blind his opponents.
    • Sleeping Spores- Swampfire can release spores that can put people to sleep.
    • Vine Whips- Swampfire can create long whips to deflect incoming attacks and projectiles.
    • Thorn Generation- Swampfire can grow thorns from nearly anywhere on his body.
  • Enhanced Strength- Swampfire possesses a large amount of strength.
  • Regeneration- Swampfire can regenerate at an extremely fast rate, and can even recover from his head being destroyed.
    • Rapid Limb Growth- Swampfire is able to accelerate the growth of certain parts of his body, allowing him to stretch far distances.
    • Regenerative Fusion- Swampfire can fuse a part of his body to heal a part of another person's body that is badly injured or mutilated.
  • Body Alteration- Swampfire's body structure allows it to walk straight through thin gaps, such as gaps between iron bars that have even been crushed under a large container and its body warps into vines that broke through and then came out off the ground to instantly reform.


  • Regeneration Limit- Though his regeneration is incredible, it's not instantaneous, meaning he is still vulnerable to harm (if his opponents attacks were quick enough).
  • Low Temperatures- Swampfire's flames can be put out by ice. However, this will not keep his flames out for long.


Swampfire's alien race are the Methanosians. They are bipedal planet creatures from the planet Methanos. Methanosians evolved from various carnivorous plants found commonly around the planet. Their ability to create fire came as a result of living in a toxic methane saturated environment. Methanosian bodies naturally create Methane, as they age they learned how to pull the Methane's various pores into their body and ignite it. Thanks to their biological advantages, the Methanosians have no established predator and have claimed their world for their own.



5 Years Later

And Beyond


  • Swampfire was the first transformation used by Ben in 5 Years Later. This follows the trend of the first transformation being a fire-based alien in a Ben 10 Series (Heatblast in Classic Ben 10 and Swampfire in Alien Force).
  • Swampfire is Kuro's favorite transformation.
  • If Ben were to lose a limb in human form, he could transform into Swampfire to regrow the severed limb.
    • This feature was almost used in Chapter 8, but was cut for time.